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Sirkazhi is a municipal town in Nagapattinam district in Tamil Nadu, India. It is located 13 km (8.1 mi) from the coast of the Bay of Bengal, and 250 km (160 mi) from the state capital Chennai. Sirkazhi was a part of Thanjavur district until 1991 and has later been part of Nagapattinam district.


Mayiladuthurai, also known as Mayavaram, lies on the banks of River Cauvery, in the Nagapattinam District. It has many temples, including the Mayuranathar Temple, Vallalar Temple and Ayyarapper Temple. Other important temples in the town are the Mayiladuthurai Utha Vadieshwarar Temple, Parimala Ranganathar Temple and Gangaikondacholapuram. Mayiladuthurai Town is also famous for various Navagraha temple.


The Mayuranathaswamy Temple is devoted to Mayuranathaswamy, husband of Mayuram, an incarnation of Goddess Parvati. The temple is also called as the Big Temple of Mayiladuthurai, near Seerkazhi. Many pilgrims visit this temple to attend the recital of Thevaram and on the occasion of Maha Shivaratri.


Sattanathaswamy Temple, situated inside the Brahmapureeswarar Temple Complex, is dedicated to Sattainathar, also known as Vatukanathar. Built in one of the traditional Hindu architectural styles, the temple has an idol of Lord Shiva in the form of Bhairava. There is a big temple courtyard which is ideal for meditating and relaxing. Maha Shivaratri is celebrated at this temple in a grand scale every year.


The Brahmapureeswarar Temple is devoted to Lord Shiva and Goddess Thirunilainayaki. This temple complex has 3 different shrines to Shiva, with the main Brahmapureeswarar Shrine in the lower level. The second level has idols of Periyanakar with Periyanayaki on a Thoni, due to which the shrine is named as Thoniappar.


Vaitheeswaran Temple is devoted to Vaitheeswaran, a form of Lord Shiva, who is also considered as the God of Medicine. There is a Navagraha Temple located within the complex, with God Angaraka (Mars) as the main deity, who is , by legends, said to have been cured of lepros by parying at this temple. The temple is also famous for Naadi astrologers.


Brahma Tirtha is one of the 22 tirthas inside the Seerkazhi Temple Complex, which lies near the Brahmapureeswarar Shrine. The local inhabitants believe that Lord Brahma offers prayers to Lord Shiva at this tirtha. It is also believed that, by taking a dip here, pilgrims can purify their body and mind.


Thillai Natarajar Temple in Chidambaram is dedicated to Lord Shiva, worshipped in the Nataraja form or the dancing posture. The temple has been renovated several times, since the reign of Pallavas and Cholas. This 10th century temple was constructed by the Chola Kings and has huge walls and four tall shikharas in four different directions. There is a Sivagangai Tank in this temple, along with 108 dance postures of Lord Shiva carved in the towers, as depicted in Natya Shastra.


Tirukkolakka Shabdapureesar Temple, also known as the Taalam Udayar Kovil, is located at Tirukkolakka, near Seerkazhi. The temple is the 15th among the Tevara Stalangal, where Lord Shiva is worshipped in the form of Shabdapureesar. The other shrine in the temple is dedicated to Goddess Osai Kodutha Nayaki, which covers around three fourth of an acre, with two prakarams.


The Gopalakrishnan Temple, located at Tirukkavalampadi near Seerkazhi, is devoted to Gopala Krishnan and his consorts Rukmani and Sathyabhama. The main deity in the temple is in the standing position, with his left arm resting on a cow. This temple is famous for Thatamalar Poikai Theertham and the annual Tirumangaialwar Mangalasasana Utsavam, celebrated in the Tamil month of Thai.The Rohini Asterism is another important festival celebrated in the Tamil month of Aavani.


Srirangam is the foremost of the eight self-manifested shrines of Lord Vishnu. It is also considered the first, foremost and the most important of the 108 main Vishnu temples. This temple is also known as Thiruvaranga Tirupati, Periyakoil, Bhoologa Vaikundam, Bhogamandabam. In the Vaishnava parlance the term "KOIL" signifies this temple only. The temple is enormous in size. This temple lies on an islet formed by the twin rivers Cauvery and Coleroon.


Thirukadaiyur Amritaghateswarar Temple is situated in a small town of Thirukadaiyur, near Seerkazhi. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. This 11th century shrine is considered to be one of the 8 Veeratta Stalams of Lord Shiva. The Shiva Linga is believed to be a manifestation of the celestial nectar that was obtained during the churning of milky ocean by the Devas and Asuras.


Kazheesirama Vinnagaram or Tadalan Kovil is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu located in Sirkazhi in Nagapattinam district, Tamil Nadu, India. It is one of the "Divya Desams", the 108 temples of Vishnu revered by the 12 poet saints, or Alwars.